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Alcohol Spray with 99% Concentration is a potent sanitizer and skincare ingredient that offers versatile applications for maintaining cleanliness and enhancing skincare and soap formulations.

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Internal Reference: PS-4389
GTIN: 6285817017463


Alcohol Spray with 99% Concentration is a versatile solution that serves as an effective sanitizer and ingredient for skincare and soap formulations. With its high concentration of alcohol, this spray provides reliable disinfection while offering benefits for skincare and soap base applications. Whether you need to sanitize surfaces or incorporate it into your skincare or soap products, our Alcohol Spray with 99% Concentration is a go-to choice for cleanliness and hygiene.


  • Provides powerful sanitization and disinfection
  • Suitable for cleansing and purifying the skin
  • Can be used as an ingredient in skincare and soap products
  • Helps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene
  • Quick-drying formula leaves no residue

Usage: Alcohol Spray 99% can be used for both surface disinfection and skincare/soap formulation purposes. For surface disinfection, spray an adequate amount onto the surface and allow it to sit for a few seconds before wiping off or letting it air dry.

Recommended Usage (in skincare products and soap base):

  • Skincare products: 1-5% in formulations such as toners, cleansers, and hand sanitizers.
  • Soap base: 2-10% depending on desired strength and formulation requirements.

Solubility: Alcohol Spray 99% is highly soluble in water and can be easily incorporated into water-based skincare formulations and soap bases. It can also be blended with other compatible ingredients to create desired formulations.


  • Surface disinfection and sanitization
  • Skincare products such as toners, cleansers, and hand sanitizers
  • Soap formulations including liquid soaps, bar soaps, and hand washes.

Storage: Store the Alcohol Spray 99% in a cool, well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight and sources of ignition. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures. Proper storage conditions will ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the product.


Ethanol is highly flammable and should not be used near open flames.

Ethanol inhalation can cause coughing or headaches, according to the CDC.

Country of origin: China

Country of packing: Saudi Arabia

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