List of questions / answers that aim to help customers understand the services provided by The Glory Of Asia Industrial Co. (Private Label).

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Valid registered company ( whether local or foreign) , or a freelancer must hold the appropriate certificates.

At The Glory of Asia Industrial Company, the minimum investment to manufacture cosmetic product starts roughly from Sar15,000 to launch your own manufacturing product order 

How much is the service fee?
  • Based on the recipe, volume, packing size, and quantity to be manufactured, we will provide an estimated cost.
  • To determine the minimum order quantity , please click on the Contact us button below.

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Yes, all products manufactured by the GOA are SFDA certified 

The warehouse will provide a minimum of one cubic meter of physical space for the storage of the final product.

The cost of each test is approximately 575 SAR

Once the client approves the product sample, a final quotation will be provided.

The sample size will be determined by the information provided on the customer's registration form, with a maximum limit of three units, and all provided samples will be sufficient for testing purposes.

The SFDA registration for a product will only be available for products that are manufactured or packed by The Glory of Asia Industrial Co. This registration will be limited and exclusive to these products.

A fee of 35.65 SAR will be charged for shipping samples to any domestic address. For international shipping, the fee will vary based on the location.

The lead time for mass production will primarily depend on the availability of ingredients and the client's approval of the product sample. Under optimal conditions, the entire quantity will be manufactured and SFDA insertion will be completed within a month, considering the production line's schedule.

Both parties will sign a manufacturing contract to establish ownership and copyrights of the product. It is important to note that copyright ownership is distinct from ownership of the physical product or work. Simply owning an item does not mean that you have the copyright to it. While an author or creator may sell their work, they still retain ownership of the copyright. However, if the client provides a formula and no research and development is required, then the client will own both the ownership and copyright of the product.

If we do not have a similar ingredient available in our store, the client may provide the raw material. However, outsourcing materials will need to go through our Standard Operating Procedure. Additionally, we offer label printing services.

If the formula and recipe are already prepared, the lead time for manufacturing is typically 30 working days. However, if research and development are required, it may take between 2 to 3 months to complete.

You are welcome to visit our office, located at 06 - 3rd Industrial City, Jeddah SA 22331, Saudi Arabia. However, please note that the production lines are restricted areas and cannot be visited.