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Lipstick Tubes specifically designed to hold lipstick and lip balms, can be easily opened and closed. They are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate your preferences.

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    Internal Reference: CA-LP063
    GTIN: 6285817022924


    Lipstick tube refers to a cylindrical container that is designed to hold and dispense lipstick, it is sold without any lipstick product inside. These empty containers are often used in do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, allowing individuals to create their own customized lip products, such as lip balms or personalized lipsticks.


    of an empty lipstick tube container provides endless possibilities for creativity and customization. Here are some common ways to utilize an empty lipstick tube container:

    1. Homemade Lip Balms: You can melt and mix your preferred ingredients, such as beeswax, oils, and flavors, to create your own lip balm recipe. Once the mixture is ready, carefully pour it into the empty lipstick tube container. Allow it to cool and solidify before applying the cap.
    2. Custom Lipsticks: If you enjoy experimenting with different lipstick colors, you can mix different shades of lipstick or add pigments and dyes to a base lipstick formula. Fill the empty lipstick tube container with the customized lipstick mixture, ensuring it is packed tightly. Apply the cap once the lipstick has solidified.


    When using the lipstick tube, for your projects, it's essential to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Clean and sterilize the container before each use, especially if you are repurposing a used one. Follow the instructions specific to your DIY project and be cautious when working with hot mixtures or oils.

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