Preservatives and stabilizers are ingredients added to cosmetics and personal care products to prevent microbial growth, prolong shelf life, and maintain product stability. Without these ingredients, products could spoil and become unsafe to use.

Preservatives are added to products to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and yeast, which can cause spoilage and potentially harm the user. Stabilizers, on the other hand, are added to products to maintain their texture, consistency, and overall quality. They help to prevent separation, settling, and other changes that can occur over time. Examples of stabilizers used in cosmetics and personal care products include xanthan gum and glyceryl stearate.

المواد الحافظة والمثبتات هي مكونات تضاف إلى مستحضرات التجميل ومنتجات العناية الشخصية لمنع نمو الميكروبات وإطالة العمر الافتراضي والحفاظ على استقرار المنتج. بدون هذه المكونات ، يمكن أن تفسد المنتجات وتصبح غير آمنة للاستخدام. 

تضاف المواد الحافظة إلى المنتجات لمنع نمو البكتيريا والعفن أو الخميرة ، والتي يمكن أن تسبب التلف وربما تضر المستخدم. من ناحية أخرى ، تتم إضافة المثبتات إلى المنتجات للحفاظ على قوامها وجودتها . فهي تساعد على منع الانفصال والاستقرار والتغيرات الأخرى التي يمكن أن تحدث بمرور الوقت. تشمل أمثلة المثبتات المستخدمة في مستحضرات التجميل ومنتجات العناية الشخصية صمغ الزانثان وجلايسريل مونوستريت

Glyceryl Monostearate - Gms-Se
57.50 SR 57.50 SR 57.5 SAR
Glyceryl Monostearate (GMS-SE) is a versatile emulsifier and thickening agent used in skincare and cosmetic products. It helps to stabilize emulsions and improve product texture while offering moisturizing properties to the skin.
Cetyl Alcohol (Lanette 16)
57.50 SR 57.50 SR 57.5 SAR
Cetyl alcohol, also known as lanette 16, is a fatty alcohol used as a thickening agent, emollient, and stabilizer in skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products.
Cetrimonium Chloride
92.00 SR 92.00 SR 92.0 SAR
Cetrimonium chloride is a quaternary ammonium compound used for conditioning and antistatic purposes in skincare and haircare products.
Sodium Benzoate
57.50 SR 57.50 SR 57.5 SAR
Sodium benzoate is a preservative commonly used in skincare products to inhibit the growth of microorganisms and prolong product shelf life.
Potassium Sorbate
74.75 SR 74.75 SR 74.75 SAR
Potassium sorbate is a preservative commonly used in skincare products to prevent microbial growth and prolong product shelf life.
Phenoxyethanol (Paraben Free)
86.25 SR 86.25 SR 86.25 SAR
Phenoxyethanol (PARABEN FREE) is a preservative used in skincare products to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
Germaben Preservative
86.25 SR 86.25 SR 86.25 SAR
Germaben Preservative is a multifunctional preservative system that provides broad-spectrum protection against bacteria, yeast, and mold in skincare products.
Edta Tetrasodium Salt
48.30 SR 48.30 SR 48.300000000000004 SAR
EDTA Tetrasodium Salt is a chelating agent that improves stability and efficacy of skincare products by forming stable complexes with metal ions.
Distilled Water
5.75 SR 5.75 SR 5.75 SAR
produced by vaporization and condensation with high purity. In distilled water, many impurities have been removed through distillation, producing superior quality water.
Corn Starch
11.50 SR 11.50 SR 11.5 SAR
Corn starch is a fine powder made from the endosperm of corn kernels, commonly used as a thickening agent and stabilizer.
Carbopol 940
138.00 SR 138.00 SR 138.0 SAR
Carbopol 940 is a synthetic polymer used as a thickening and stabilizing agent in skincare products, creating transparent and smooth formulations.
BHT - Butylated Hydroxytoluene
90.85 SR 90.85 SR 90.85000000000001 SAR
BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) is a synthetic antioxidant commonly used in skincare and beauty products to preserve their quality and extend their shelf life.
Benzyl Benzoate
115.00 SR 115.00 SR 115.0 SAR
Benzyl Benzoate is a colorless liquid used in skincare and beauty products for its solvent, fragrance, and skin-conditioning properties.